Recap of the April 2019 Student Presentations and Chapter Meeting

By:  Latha Vasudevan, CHP, PhD, Chapter Past President

The State of Texas Chapter of the Health Physics Society (STC-HPS) held its annual student presentations meeting April 5–6, 2019, at the University of Houston, Houston, Texas. This year, we had more than 20 undergraduate and graduate student presenters and nearly 70 attendees. The students showcased their excellent work in various areas of health physics. Topics covered nuclear medicine, cyclotron decommissioning, various detector systems for nuclear security, radiological emergency response, mobile search systems, computed tomography, etc. All presentations were equally good so the judges had a difficult time tallying scores. The STC–HPS presented cash awards with first place ($250), second place ($100), and third place ($50) for best presentations in bachelor's, MS, and PhD degree levels.

We also invited our high school science fair winners (Houston and Dallas) to share their winning projects with us. One of the Houston fair winners also won our chapter award for the Texas Science and Engineering festival hosted by Texas A&M University. The chapter presented gift certificates to the science fair winners as a token of appreciation.

The STC–HPS announced the newly elected officers for the executive council: President-elect Matt Amen (UT–South Western), Treasurer-elect Erich Fruchtnicht (Texas A&M University), and Board member Otu Inyang (University of Houston). We are also excited to announce that the chapter designed its own customized table runner that can be used at all meetings. Altogether, this meeting was a huge success and the chapter is expressing its appreciation to all the members for their participation and cooperation.

The STC–HPS is planning its next affiliates meeting for September 2019 and the meeting venue is tentatively UT-South Western, Dallas, Texas.