Science and Engineering Fair
of Houston

By:  Stan Bravenec, MS, DABSNM, CHMM, LMP

Two STC-HPS members (Otu Inyang and Stan Bravenec) judged the Science and Engineering Fair of Houston on February 23, 2019. The two judges interviewed multiple students, and although the competition was stiff, there were two projects that stood out above the rest. The two judges left the fair with a good feeling that there are some outstanding future Health Physicists, Scientists, Engineers, and Physicians getting started on their careers.

We have two great awardees, both in the senior category. They are not giving out the names and contact information at the fair anymore but will be sending it to the lead judges within a week. Winner certification report and photos of winners and judges are below.

Both projects were very well prepared and well presented. It was obvious that there were months of preparation and hard work invested in both of these outstanding projects. The State of Texas Chapter of the Health Physics Society is proud to present both winners with an award plaque and a one year Student membership in the Chapter. Congratulations to Jenna and Alexandra!

1st Place:
Jenna Jackson: #3343: Coal Ash: Testing the effect of fly ash on radiation levels in soil at Texas coal power plants. Ms. Jackson investigated the radiation levels of fly ash surrounding coal power plants utilizing a high purity germanium detector to distinguish the peaks of the different radioisotopes present in her samples. This is important environmental monitoring around power plants.

2nd Place:
Alexandra Tan: #3187: Mitochondrial effects of high energy high charge (HZE) irradiation on the liver. Ms. Tan investigated the effects of high energy high mass particle effects on mitochondria in liver cells utilizing samples that had been irradiated at Brookhaven National Labs. This is an important area of research dealing with astronaut health during travel in deep space.

Judges Otu Inyang and Stan Bravenec