STC Participated in the
Scouts of America STEM Conference

By:  Ken Krieger, MS, CHP

On the same date as our last chapter meeting, the Scouts of America had the first annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) conference in the NRG Center, in Houston, TX.

I was sorry to miss the STC meeting but thought the STEM conference might be a good event to participate in. There were about 150 different booths set up in the NRG Arena, ranging from STEM training, companies that are in the STEM field, firefighting, high tech, automobiles, etc. I would estimate about 2,500 participants came and went all day. Scout leaders, teachers, parents, as well as the scouts themselves were in attendance. Many people came to the table interested in finding out about nuclear technologies and where they could go to learn more. I met some teachers and STEM coordinators from various places around Texas and gave them information about our Science Teacher Workshops.

A funny side to the story was the location of the booth space they assigned us. It was right below the air conditioning vent for the Arena. So, there was a significant breeze coming from the top and behind the booth. The cardboard cut outs showing information that I have would not stand without being blown over. Information papers would not stay on the table without something on top of it. Every time someone would pick up the meter or plate to look at it all the papers under it would blow away, and we would have to go chase them. I asked for a new location but they said they were completely full and had nowhere else for me to go. Hopefully, next year we will get a better location and not have to worry about stuff blowing away and we can display more items.