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Duties for Chapter Officers and Volunteers

July 2006

This is a listing of duties and hints for incoming and potential officers and volunteers of the State of Texas Chapter (STC). Because this is a living document, please feel free to comment and to make additions and clarifications.

A common “requirement” may be to have access to the Internet, especially to email services.

  1. One-year term
  2. Officer of the Chapter
  3. Presides and conducts meetings of the Chapter in accordance with the Bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order
  4. Develops and prepares meeting agenda before the meeting
  5. President represents Chapter in all business
    1. Signs contracts
    2. Negotiates and coordinates with meeting hotel, event rooms, caterer, transportation, overnight accommodations, local attractions, and technical tours
    3. Delegates authority
  6. Makes appointments to Committee Chairs
  7. Calls and establishes ad-hoc committees
  8. Gives State-of-the-Chapter report at the annual business meeting
  9. Installs new officers
  10. Designate 2 individuals to represent Chapter at National HPS Chapter Council
  11. Becomes Past-President after one year
  1. One-year term
  2. Officer of the Chapter
  3. Becomes president after one year
  4. Attends EC meetings called by the President
  5. Performs all duties delegated by the President
  6. Assumes duties of the President in his absence
  7. Responsible for obtaining and presenting the outgoing President's plaque
  8. Serves as Chair of the Program Committee
  1. Two-year term
  2. Officer of the Chapter
  3. Responsible for disposition of Chapter banner
  4. Attends EC meetings called by the President
  5. Prepares and submits the Chapter Annual Report to National HPS
  6. Keeps record of all transactions and meetings of the Chapter and Executive Council
  7. Carries out correspondence of the Chapter and accurate mailing list
  8. Posts all ballots used in the Election
  9. Receives and distributes reports, including agenda for the EC members
  10. Compiles minutes of the EC meetings and submits them for publication
  11. Calls special meeting of at least five EC members to tabulate and validate the election ballots
  12. Responsible for ensuring the Chapter holds a P.O. Box for correspondence
  13. Obtains and maintains authority to issue CEUs for meeting activities
  14. Generates CEU certificates
  1. Two-year term
  2. Officer of the Chapter
  3. Attends EC meetings called by the President
  4. Maintains current balances for all STC accounts
  5. Accepts funds and deposits them in STC’s operating account
  6. Enters collections for STC accounts in the STC Treasurer’s ledger
  7. Makes prompt payment on legitimate expenses from the operating account
  8. Makes prompt payment on student grants from the business money market account
  9. Makes prompt payment on Science Teacher Workshop expenses from the Science Teacher Workshop account
  10. Enters payments for STC expenses only in the STC Treasurer’s ledger
  11. Makes transfers from the operating fund into the other appropriate funds on an annual basis
  12. Reports current balances for all STC accounts at each EC meeting
  13. Ensures compliance with federal tax filing requirements specified in publication #5557 for use with IRS Form 990
  14. Supports each Chapter meeting by:
    1. Accepting meeting registration forms
    2. Entering names of persons who register on a spreadsheet
    3. Running registration desk
    4. Preparing and giving out name tags
    5. Preparing and giving out receipts for meeting registration fees
  15. Prepares and presents a financial report of the Chapter finances at the Chapter’s annual meeting
  1. One-year term
  2. Officer of the Chapter
  3. Attends EC meetings called by the President
  4. Assists the Treasurer at Chapter meetings
  5. Takes on tasks as assigned by the Treasurer
  6. Assumes duties of the Treasurer in his/her absence
  7. Becomes Treasurer after one year
Executive Council Member (BOD) – Three at Large
  1. Three-year term, staggered (one elected each year)
  2. Attends EC meetings called by the President
  3. Coordinates with President-Elect to host a meeting
  4. Performs duties as assigned by the President
  5. Serves as liaison to Chapter committees as assigned by the President
  1. One-year term
  2. Chair of the Science Teacher Workshop
  3. Performs duties as assigned by the President
  4. Board member, but not an Officer
  5. Serves as liaison to Chapter committees as assigned by the President
All Committee Chairs
  1. Submits reports to EC
  2. Attends EC meetings
  3. Chairs are appointed by the Chapter President with the exception of the Program Committee, which is defined by the Bylaws
Program Committee – Standing Committee
  1. Committee defined by Bylaws, consists of President-Elect and at least two other members
  2. The Chair will be responsible for providing the Secretary with an agenda for each meeting for the Chapter records
  3. Contacts National HPS to arrange the Chapter breakfast at the annual HPS meeting
  4. Prepares and posts a sign-up roster for the breakfast meeting
  5. Sets the agenda, plans, coordinates and implements all technical sessions, activities, events and makes copies for membership/The Billet to be distributed at meetings
  6. Writes an article for The Billet after each meeting
  7. Works with Treasurer on budget for each meeting and sets costs for meeting registration
  8. Prepares meeting announcements in coordination with Treasurer for each coming meeting
  9. Sets timeline in coordination with The Billet editor to ensure meeting announcements are distributed in a timely manner
  10. Assists in contacting and making arrangements for speakers
  11. Contacts National HPS President elect for Chapter visit
  12. Works with Affiliates Chair in planning the Affiliates Fair
  13. Works with Student Assistance Chair and Student Program Chair in planning Student paper meetings
Admissions (Membership) Committee – Standing Committee
  1. EC Council are members
  2. Chair verifies National membership of STC applicants
  3. Submits report of applicants requesting membership to the EC for approval
  4. Maintains Chapter membership records
  5. Responsible for mailing and receiving membership renewals
  6. Works with Affiliates Chair to coordinate Affiliates membership
  7. Maintains, compiles, and distributes Chapter membership directory
  8. Provides an updated membership record for the Treasurer prior to each meeting
  9. Provides list of members in good standing to the Secretary prior to ballot validation (early enough for ballots to be mailed)
Nominations Committee – Standing Committee
  1. Consists of Chair and at least four members
  2. No member of the EC shall serve on this committee
  3. Shall submit in writing names of nominees 60 days prior to the Annual meeting
  4. Submits names of the “Chapter Volunteer of the Year” awards to National HPS at 30 days prior to the National President-Elect’s visit
  5. Solicits and submits nominations for National offices and committees
  6. Solicits and submits nominations for National awards
Public Relations – Standing Committee
  1. Obtains copy of Chapter meeting articles from Chapter Program Chair
  2. Edits article for publication in National HPS newsletter to include photos, if available and applicable
  3. Sends all correspondence/submissions through Chapter President
  4. Solicits articles from Chapter membership
  5. Provides photos for Chapter website
Science Teacher Workshop (STW) Committee – Appointed Committee
  1. Plans, coordinates, promotes, and executes Science Teacher Workshops
  2. Makes contact with science teacher/science teacher coordinators to plan dates for STWs
  3. Recruits instructors from STC membership
  4. Maintains STW instructional materials, which include paper, electronic media, and instruments
  5. Budgets STWs and submits an annual budget request to Chapter President
  6. Maintains adequate inventory of instructional materials including master copies of all materials
  7. Negotiates and coordinates with meeting location, event rooms, caterer, transportation, and overnight accommodations for STWs
  8. Delegates duties to local Chapter members as necessary
  9. Assists in contacting and making arrangements for speakers
Affiliates Committee – Appointed Committee
  1. Maintains list of Affiliates members
  2. Recruits Affiliates
  3. Submits updated list to The Billet
  4. Submits updated list for website
  5. Coordinates with Program Chair for Affiliates Fair
  6. Solicits donations from Affiliates for meeting sponsorship (break refreshments, door prizes, etc.)
  7. Represents the Affiliates to the EC
  8. Mails and collects membership renewals and forwards copies of forms to the Membership Chair and forward funds to the Treasurer
Student Assistance – Appointed Committee
  1. Coordinates participation in regional and state science fairs
  2. Submits intent to participate in fairs
  3. Confirms regional and state science fair judges
  4. Provides awards to judges
  5. Coordinates participation between NTC and STC with statewide science fairs
  6. Updates and confirms education grant applications with webmaster
  7. Submits education grant and other student assistance information announcements to The Billet
  8. Selects and confirms grant confirmation judges
  9. Accepts grant applications
  10. Notifies grant recipients
  11. Encourages attendance at the Fall meeting to accept grant awards
  12. Submits articles to The Billet
  13. Submits nominations for HPS science fair awards (works with Nominations Chair)
  14. Develops criteria for endowment scholarship
  15. Chair works with National HPS on student agendas, attendance and work assignments at National HPS meetings
Publications Committee – Appointed Committee
  1. Coordinates with The Billet editor
  2. Writes and solicits articles
  3. Coordinates with Public Relations Chair
  4. Coordinates with President-Elect on Chapter announcements
Legislative Committee – Appointed Committee
  1. Reports state and national legislative issues to EC
  2. Leads in development of Chapter positions on legislative issues
Task Force for Nuclear Training Endeavors – Appointed Committee
  1. Prepares and distributes the Radiological Event Preparedness Registry (REPR)
  2. Solicits applications from Chapter membership
  3. Coordinates with National HPS, National VA, and other organizations
  4. Prepares handouts for distribution at the Chapter meetings
  5. Submits article to The Billet
Membership Participation – Appointed Committee
  1. Solicits greater membership participation at all Chapter events
  2. Prepares, conducts, and compiles the results of a survey of Chapter membership interests in programming, speakers, meeting  locations, etc.
Student Presentation Participation – Ad-Hoc Committee
  1. Designated by the Chapter President
  2. Contacts university teaching personnel to encourage student participation in the Spring Student Presentation meeting
  3. Works with the Program Chair to prepare agenda for submittal of student papers
  4. Prepares evaluation forms for judges for student paper presentations
  5. Presents awards to student presentation winners
  6. Submits article to The Billet with photos, if available and applicable
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