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Strategic Plan

November 2003

This strategic plan is a dynamic guide for the future of the State of Texas Chapter of the Health Physics Society (STC-HPS). We have worked to create a collective vision for the Chapter's future and initiate actions to achieve that vision. This plan describes key elements of our activities, and it is the basis for our long-term planning and operational decisions. It outlines strategies for moving the Chapter from where it is to where we want it to be. The essentials of the plan describe our desires for the future (Vision Statement), our critical aims (Major Objectives in Bold), and specific targets in support of our Major Objectives (Specific Objectives). Based on this Strategic Plan, we will design approaches (Action Plans) for achieving the Specific Objectives and Major Objectives.

Consistent with the Mission of HPS, the mission of the STC is:

Excellence in the Science and Practice of Radiation Safety

The Vision Statement of the STC is:

  • We strive to exceed expectations for the recognition, trust, and confidence of the public, the scientific community, and the government with regard to radiation safety.

  • We will continue to establish mechanisms and relationships to promote an adequate supply of highly trained radiation safety professionals.

  • We will continue to improve our effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the needs of our membership.

We are convinced that our Vision for the Chapter's future is desirable and achievable. We challenge the entire organization to make the Vision a reality.

Following are six Major Objectives that are critical to achieving our Vision. Supporting Specific Objectives follow each strategic Major Objective. (The order of their presentation has no significance.)

1. Support the science and good practice of radiation safety.


Improve science and mathematics teaching.


Develop methods to encourage students to study science and mathematics.


Enhance local preparedness for dealing with a radiological terrorism event through involvement in local Emergency Preparedness planning training and provision of assistance to local, state, and federal officials with recovery from such an event.
2. Provide enhanced membership support.


Establish and implement methods to address member concerns.


Maintain and improve the quality of meetings of the Chapter.


Maintain a web site that provides up-to-date information for the membership.


Prepare an annual membership directory for distribution to members.


Maintain and improve member education opportunities.

3. Sustain the health physics profession.

3.1 Encourage students to study health physics and consider it as a career objective.
3.2 Improve the status of the health physics profession.
3.4 Enhance Health Physics Scholarships.

4. Improve the recognition of the Health Physics Society and the South Texas Chapter.

4.1 Establish the Chapter as the source of expertise in radiation safety within Texas.
4.2 Interact with other professional societies in a leadership role.

5. Foster good science in public policy.

5.1 Enlighten and educate elected officials and the public about radiation safety issues.
5.2 Communicate with news media personnel about radiation safety issues.
5.3 Provide reliable and useful information about radiation protection to people from all walks of life.

6. Enhance effective communications.

6.1 Involve a greater number of members in the administration and activities of the Chapter.
6.2 Improve internal communications.
6.3 Establish and maintain communications and a working relationship with company representatives who service the health physics marketplace.
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